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TrueFacs is the company Ancira pays to assist you with "facility" claims.  Any calls/mail you receive from TrueFacs, RESPOND PROMPTLY! J


My Benefits

This page is for persons who are covered by the Ancira  Insurance Plans,  or who are eligible to be in the 401(k) Retirement Plan.  

Please note that ALL Employees & their dependents are eligible to use the EAP, regardless of Full or Part Time status.

Scroll down to view all the selections available.

  • Medical Related

    Click for the> 2014-15 Benefits Guide               

    Note:  Truefacs, Claims Delegate Services (CDS), Managed Care Concepts (MCC), and Ican Benefit Group LLC are partners in our efforts to save you from unwarranted balance billing.  If you receive a facility balance-bill or collection warning, call for immediate assistance: 1-888-657-2558.            

    • TELADOC (MERGED with Consultadoc February 2014) provides 24-7-365 Physician Access to all ANCIRA-MEDICAL-PLAN INSUREDS.  The # is 800-362-2667.  Call before spending your hard-earned money on an office visit.  Odds are good their physicians can provide you with the healthcare you need AT NO CHARGE -- ever! (AND they can refer you to added medical attention when warranted, too!)

    • Click for the>Health Provider Directory as of October 17, 2014  Note:  The directory is fully searchable using "Find" from your browser.

 Click for the>       MED14 Plan Summary Effective 6/1        2014 Employee Benefits Meeting (watch the meeting we recorded 4/23/14)

"Corrective Lenses" or screening for corrective lens prescriptions are only provided through the separate vision plan offered through VSP if you elected it

Click this link for INFO

  • Pharmacy Related (MaxorPlus handles our pharmacy claims)

      Pharmacy Benefits - MaxorPlus      MaxorPlus RX Mail Order Kit

               (Mail Order RX saves you money on your "maintenance" medications)              

  • Dental Related     

            Have your dentist submit claims to Maxor Administrative Services at the address shown on your insurance information card.

            Phone Maxor Administrative Services for questions or assistance at 855-629-6787.           

  • Group Life Insurance Related (through METLIFE)

            Basic Life & AD-D ($10,000)        Supplemental Life & AD-D

                Employees who elect medical insurance with Ancira are provided $10K basic at no cost.  Supplemental applies only to those who elected it.

    Call Metlife at 800-275-4638 for questions about coverage or claims.

  • Short & Extended-Term Disability Income Insurance

                To verify disability benefits and claim requirements, phone Maxor Administrative Services at 855-629-6787.

  • Employee Counseling, Legal, and Financial Services (FREE through Interface EAP)

LOGON to your EAP

Note:  Your USERNAME is Ancira; PASSWORD is 710


What's Available through your EAP?

This benefit provided to all EEs FREE (full & part-timer, beginning Day One of hire).

Phone Interface EAP at 800-324-4327 for referrals to specialists in your area.  All calls & services are confidential.


  • 401(k) Related managed by Wells Fargo Retirement & Financial Services  

    Wells Fargo Customer Care Line:  800-SAVE-1-2-3    

    Note:  Until you change it, your Username is your SSN (xxx-xx-xxxx); Password is your 8-digit date of birth (MM/DD/YYYY)

Go to MY 401(k) Site    <NOTE!  As of Feb 2014, due to site upgrades with WF, you must re-register.  

At the "Action required to access your acccount" of the landing page, click "Continue" to reestablish your account.

Note that if you have EVER in your life had ANY account (from checking to savings to mortgage to credit card), it's likely you will be identified in their new system as an "Existing Customer".  If so, simply call the 800-SAVE-1-2-3 customer line & tech assist can complete your setup.







2013 Year End 401k Summary Annual Report